$50 Free Postage Offer

$50 Free Postage

You manage, run, market and grow your small business with your own two hands. Time and money are essential, cost and convenience are critical. Eliminate the need to ever have to go to the post office again with the Pitney Bowes mailstation™ Digital Postage Meter and Scale. Start your risk-free 90-day trial today! Plus, you’ll get $50 in postage coupons.

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Did you know… pursuant to US Postal Service regulations, only authorized postage meter manufacturers and the Postal Service may hold title to the postage meters. This means that the meters cannot be sold, only rented. We are hence offering you the option to try it risk-free with no commitments for 90-days.

The machine comes with an integrated scale that at the touch of a button weighs and calculates the exact postage needed. Note that the machine is not just for letters, but also oversized envelopes and packages. Meter and mail standard business and oversized envelopes, packages, even print Priority Mail right in your office, in just seconds. Use exact postage every time – no over stamping!

Also, the machine will grow your business. Pitney Bowes Small Business Postage by Phone technology allows you to add postage to your meter in just under a minute. Start your risk-free 90-day trial today.

Here’s what others are saying about the Pitney Bowes postage meter:

“My meter has allowed me to not have to worry about running out for postage, freeing up my time to get done other important tasks in the office”

  • Dr. Stephen Korbin, Metropolitan Chiropractic

“The last thing you need is to waste time in lines at the post office! Don’t do it. Get yourself a postal scale and meter (Pitney-Bowes has an inexpensive program).”

–Robert Sullivan, The Small Business Advisor

“Postage meters are “tried and true” devices. Pitney Bowes has an extensive web site for customer support and postage reloading as well as an “800” number for immediate response. You can also request service for your postage meter using the web site.”

–Home Office Reports

“When we need to get a message out to our patients, whether it be an invoice, a reminder, or a greeting during the holidays, Pitney Bowes makes it painless and allows us to do it quickly…we have had our mailing system for several years and have been enjoying those benefits for as long”

  • Ed Brubaker MS, PT – HRPT (hand Rehab & Physical Therapy Group LLP)

Get Started Today
Start benefiting from the time and money-saving features of the Pitney Bowes mailstation™ Digital Postage Meter and Scale. Click here to start your risk-free 90-day trial today.

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